A methodology based on the reality of young people

For some time now, my eternal concern as a teacher is to stay close to the students. It is not easy to get it sometimes and I am aware that on more than one occasion I must have failed in the attempt. In those cases, far from touching the blockade, I have tried to go even further to know them better and try to understand them.

The adolescence of always with different referents

Adolescence is a stage of constant effervescence. The young people of today suffer the same ailments as always; succumb to the passions of all life; they love and hate until the last consequences, as it has happened throughout the ages. In short, they live a life on the edge of the abyss in a society that watches over their shoulders. It has always happened like this. It should not be easy. I never thought it at the time, in fact … The feeling of incomprehension in young people is a mantra that can cause demotivation and detachment with everything that the adult proposes.
However, although the way of facing puberty is not different, their interests change every year and their cultural referents also evolve. What once moved them, suddenly becomes outdated, outdated, old and shameful. An example of this constant transformation I have found in recent months with Queen. While a year ago using songs from the British band in my classes provoked the general discomfort of the whole class, now they sing them excitedly and loudly. The premiere of the film Bohemian Rapsody has been a real shock. What has changed? Now Freddy Mercury is a reference. For me, it was already, but the important thing is that now it is also for them.

Bring the subject

Following this line, my educational will is based on the intertwining of the theoretical framework of the Language and Literature subject with a real environment of the students. It is not about trivializing the educational institution, but about bringing it closer and, with it, transmitting the contents in a more meaningful way. I will not cheat: the road requires effort, but the rewards lead to an almost certain and, above all, surprising goal.

The figure of the teacher

I assume, therefore, that the role of the teacher is to offer himself as a guide that he must first observe and then contribute knowledge. It is an added effort because it requires capturing the basic essence of current aspects of interest to turn them into a subject of learning. It is important to note that in this process the attitude of the adult must be positive. The secret lies in not judging juvenile tastes but integrating them in the educational process avoiding value judgments.

It is, then, in my case, to bring language and literature closer to the reality of young people. The difference lies in the starting point with the will to transfer the theoretical contents to a significant application of the day today.

Success experiences

As for some successful experiences that I have carried out in the classroom with this same thesis, I could highlight the following:

  • The incorporation of Netflix series to work some aspects of the subject.
  • The use of current musical references for the analysis of literary figures.
  • The comparative exercise of literature from Rosalía’s album.
  • The song ‘Malamente’ to work the adverbs of mode.
  • The genre of dystopian literature with the Fortnite videogame.
  • The literary language of the banners of the massive demonstrations of 8M
  • The usual use of gifs in my day to day in the classes.
  • The syntactic structures in the titles of the most viral videos of some youtubers …


Someone told me that this methodology does not involve the discovery of fire. And I agree: what is involved is not to light the fire, but to keep it alive so that it does not die out. Many concepts will be lost, but emotions will endure.

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