The girl who paid for her own ablation

The filmmaker Reem Saleh returns to her mother's neighborhood to tell how they organize themselves so that nobody lacks anything in a unique glance at the privacy of Egyptian society It is unusual for a camera to record such a naked and brutal account of how the ablation takes place. In the privacy

‘MasterChef’ opens local on YouTube

TV takes advantage of the platform to reach a younger audience and have no advertising restrictions One of the reasons for the success of the return of Operación Triunfo in 2017 was the follow-up of many young people in social networks and in the channel that TV opened on YouTube. That's where many new fans

The (in) security of school transport

Traveling by bus is 21 times safer than doing it by car if you take into account the number of injured people, and 24 times safer if you look at the number of fatalities. This is stated by the Spanish Confederation of Transport by Bus (CONFEBUS). However, despite the fact that in

Do you like your child’s school canteen?

Nine out of ten parents think that school feeding should consist of higher quality food and more fruits and vegetables 94% of parents in Spain recognize that the quality of school menus can be improved, and four out of five would be willing to pay a little more provided that their

Five Mexican startups participate in global technology event

Five Mexican startups will meet this April 29 and 30 in Miami, Florida, to present their technology-based ventures in front of some 15,000 people, including investors, venture capitalists and companies around the world, during the eMerge Startup Showcase Americas. This is a technological advancement platform, a forum for the exchange of ideas and

The men and women who control the weather from Almendricos

The love of meteorology comes from childhood and is a heritage of his grandfather, who was a farmer. Francisco Javier López and Juan José Martínez, cousins ​​and partners of the company Alfred, the world leader in weather prediction providers, have been raised in Almendricos, a hamlet in which most of its 1,693 inhabitants are

Electronic commerce and online training, the keys of the 21st century

They are the most cutting-edge sectors of the century. Electronic commerce has increased because it offers advantages such as the flexibility of schedules and the possibility of buying from a distance. Regarding online training, it has always been an important element and increasingly due to the competence and demands of the work. Currently

Families and school: the importance of communication

A few years ago, from this same space, we proposed a total of 12 steps to make the necessary relationship between families and schools more fluid. A link whose main objective is the well-being and educational improvement of the students, but which does not lack discomforts, disagreements, and frictions between the two parties

ICT and learning by projects: how and why they energize your classes

From this blog, more than once we have talked about the pedagogical benefits offered by the so-called learning or project work. A methodology still in the process of being settled from a general perspective, but which is increasingly widespread in a growing number of schools and which consists, in general terms, in research processes

Why it is important to promote creativity | Be teacher

The value that, worth the redundancy, is especially valuable both inside and outside the classroom, we understand creativity as the ability to generate new ideas (usually from the association of existing ones) and obtain original solutions thanks to the use of imagination. A universal human capacity, that not even the multiple