Flipped classroom: a methodology with great benefits

After spending a couple of years training in the Flipped Classroom methodology and investigating how to put it into practice in the classroom, I recognize that the result is being more than positive. Why do I use the Flipped Classroom? Well, to begin with, because this system proposes a fundamental change in the

Teach mathematics in a personalized way with Matic, from the classroomPlaneta

Mathematics is a science that studies the relationships between abstract figures such as numbers or mathematical symbols, through logical thinking. What, for a part of the students, translates into a hard nut to crack which, in turn, implies hours and hours of study that do not always give the desired result. A situation for which many of us

The impact of European programs in a compulsory secondary school

The IES Sácilis is a Compulsory Secondary Education center that has been working as IES for a little more than a decade. It is located in Pedro Abad, a town of less than 3000 inhabitants of the province of Córdoba. Despite its youth, this IES has an important, valued and extensive career in various

A methodology based on the reality of young people

For some time now, my eternal concern as a teacher is to stay close to the students. It is not easy to get it sometimes and I am aware that on more than one occasion I must have failed in the attempt. In those cases, far from touching the blockade, I have tried

Silabeamos, a game to work phonological awareness

We live surrounded by information, the use of new technologies make the reading process a key tool not only at school but also as a means of communication for daily life. Very young children are in contact with the written word, to facilitate this process, the learning of reading begins in early childhood

The game is not just about children: adults also play

Maybe to start this post, we should try to define what is an adult, something complicated today. Personally, I am not very clear about the consideration of a teenager as an adult at 18, but I will take it as a reference. I think I can say, without fear of being wrong, that many adults