10 Best Pre-Medical Schools in Texas 2019-20

Pre-medical studies

Pre-medical studies lay the foundation of a successful physician. Selecting the right pre-medical institution is a very difficult step. Be careful while deciding a pre-medical college/school for your children. You should not only see the reputation and ranking of the pre-medical school, but also the faculty, availability of field resources and other equipment. Here, I am going to list the top pre-medical schools in Texas. You can see the characteristics of every school to select the right one.

Rice University, Texas

Rice University is a small private research university. It is serving in different fields of education for more than a hundred years. Due to its quality education and highly skilled medical faculty, it is considered the best pre-medical institution in Texas. It is in the top 5 private universities of the USA.

Tuition Fees: $48,600

Admission Deadlines: 01 November

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Texas A&M University College of Medicine

Texas A&M University College of Medicine is located in the heart of Texas. The university campuses for other educational subjects lie at five different locations. The students from small and big towns come here for pre-medical studies.

Tuition fees: $46,284/year

Deadline: 01 November

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Dell Medical School, University of Texas – Austin

Best pre-medical schools

It is a public research university that is serving in different fields for about a hundred years.  The university provides more than 170 programs for graduates and 100 programs for undergraduate students. The University lies at 2nd number in Texas for its up-to-the-mark pre-medical and medical education.

Tuition Fees: $38,600

Deadline: 01 October

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St. Matthew’s University

St. Matthew’s University is a private university founded in 1997. It provides the medical and D.V.M education at undergraduate and graduate levels to the students. It is famous for its school of medicine and school of veterinary medicine. The highly skilled faculty and modern infrastructure and well-equipped modern hospitals for practice bring this university distinguished. It lies at 4th number in the list of best Pre-medical institutions in Texas.

Tuition Fees: $19,400/semester

Deadline: No deadline for admission. The semester begins in September, January, and May. Apply before that.

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Trinity School of Medicine

Trinity School of Medicine was founded in 2008. It is an offshore private medical school that is offering different pre-medical and MD degree programs. The university lies at 5th number in Texas medical schools. The institution also offers bursaries and scholarships for the prospective pre-medical students.

Tuition Fees: $15,700/semester

Deadline: 30 November

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Baylor College of Medicine

It is located in Houston, Texas and famous for up to the mark pre-medical and MD education. The institution is actually the medical school of the University of Dallas. It lies in the top 45 schools of medicine in the US. It offers the pre-medical and MD education for domestic and international students.

Tuition fees: $40,732/year

Deadline: 10 July

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The University of Texas at Dallas

It is located in Richardson, Texas. The university offers excellent pre-medical faculty. The university offers more than 138 programs in different fields. The university hosts around 50 research centers for the students in different faculties.

Tuition Fees: $33,654

Deadline: 30 September

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UT Southwestern Medical Center

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center was founded in 1943. It lies at 8th number in the list of top pre-medical schools of Texas. The skilled faculty, outstanding on-campus facilities, a wide range of research centers and quality medical education have awarded it a worldwide reputation.

Tuition Fees: N/A

Deadline: 17 May

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Texas Christian University

This private university was founded in 1873 and offers more than 62 postgraduate and 117 undergraduate programs. Besides, it offers 25 doctoral courses. Due to a variety of programs and state of the art research laboratories, it lies at 9th position in the list of the best pre-medical institutions of Texas. The major programs offered by this university include medical, dentistry, humanitarian, health care, hospitality, Health and Fitness, legal services, Sports, Energy, Consulting and many others.

Tuition Fees: $44,760

Deadline: 01 November

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University of Dallas

University of Dallas, Texas offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs including a pre-medical course for the students. The major programs it offers include Psychology, Pre-medicine, Physical Therapy, Physics, Politics, Nursing, Molecular Biology, Journalism, International Studies, Human and Social Sciences, and many others.

Tuition Fees: $38,716

Deadline: 31 October

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