Five Mexican startups participate in global technology event

Five Mexican startups will meet this April 29 and 30 in Miami, Florida, to present their technology-based ventures in front of some 15,000 people, including investors, venture capitalists and companies around the world, during the eMerge Startup Showcase Americas. This is a technological advancement platform, a forum for the exchange of ideas and

The men and women who control the weather from Almendricos

The love of meteorology comes from childhood and is a heritage of his grandfather, who was a farmer. Francisco Javier López and Juan José Martínez, cousins ​​and partners of the company Alfred, the world leader in weather prediction providers, have been raised in Almendricos, a hamlet in which most of its 1,693 inhabitants are

Electronic commerce and online training, the keys of the 21st century

They are the most cutting-edge sectors of the century. Electronic commerce has increased because it offers advantages such as the flexibility of schedules and the possibility of buying from a distance. Regarding online training, it has always been an important element and increasingly due to the competence and demands of the work. Currently

Flipped classroom: a methodology with great benefits

After spending a couple of years training in the Flipped Classroom methodology and investigating how to put it into practice in the classroom, I recognize that the result is being more than positive. Why do I use the Flipped Classroom? Well, to begin with, because this system proposes a fundamental change in the

The impact of European programs in a compulsory secondary school

The IES Sácilis is a Compulsory Secondary Education center that has been working as IES for a little more than a decade. It is located in Pedro Abad, a town of less than 3000 inhabitants of the province of Córdoba. Despite its youth, this IES has an important, valued and extensive career in various