The girl who paid for her own ablation

The filmmaker Reem Saleh returns to her mother's neighborhood to tell how they organize themselves so that nobody lacks anything in a unique glance at the privacy of Egyptian society It is unusual for a camera to record such a naked and brutal account of how the ablation takes place. In the privacy

‘MasterChef’ opens local on YouTube

TV takes advantage of the platform to reach a younger audience and have no advertising restrictions One of the reasons for the success of the return of Operación Triunfo in 2017 was the follow-up of many young people in social networks and in the channel that TV opened on YouTube. That's where many new fans

Families and school: the importance of communication

A few years ago, from this same space, we proposed a total of 12 steps to make the necessary relationship between families and schools more fluid. A link whose main objective is the well-being and educational improvement of the students, but which does not lack discomforts, disagreements, and frictions between the two parties

ICT and learning by projects: how and why they energize your classes

From this blog, more than once we have talked about the pedagogical benefits offered by the so-called learning or project work. A methodology still in the process of being settled from a general perspective, but which is increasingly widespread in a growing number of schools and which consists, in general terms, in research processes

The game is not just about children: adults also play

Maybe to start this post, we should try to define what is an adult, something complicated today. Personally, I am not very clear about the consideration of a teenager as an adult at 18, but I will take it as a reference. I think I can say, without fear of being wrong, that many adults