Electronic commerce and online training, the keys of the 21st century

They are the most cutting-edge sectors of the century. Electronic commerce has increased because it offers advantages such as the flexibility of schedules and the possibility of buying from a distance.

Regarding online training, it has always been an important element and increasingly due to the competence and demands of the work. Currently stands out for the flexible time that brings work and family reconciliation.

To better understand these sectors, we have contacted companies such as David Randulfe, Grupo Trevenque and Proun Digital Agency dedicated to the electronic commerce sector; and AulaVirtualCTP, Chiara, Academia Árabe and Florida Universitària specialized in online training.


David Randulfe, designer with more than 5 years of experience, digital business consultant and professor of the Master in Digital Strategy in Business at the University of La Coruña.

He founded his first company with 19 years and billed more than € 50,000 the first year to customers such as Panasonic, BMW, and KIN Laboratories. Currently, he advises companies and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the internet’s potential to create online businesses.

 you can find information about his services of implementation of online sales systems, digital courses on WooCommerce, Online Academies and Automated Webinars. It also has its own mentoring program of help to create digital businesses with stable income in only 4 months.


In the area of ​​Web Solutions of Grupo Trevenque, they have been running since 2001 without stopping to do web projects and digital products. They have a 100% commitment to the works addressed and guarantee the quality and compliance with agreed deadlines.

They are specialists in design, web development, online marketing, and e-commerce, with the aim of ensuring that their clients’ businesses are, above all, profitable.

They have a team of 17 professionals, specialists in design and user experience, development and programming in various technologies and online marketing and SEO. They have experts in systems management and cloud computing and offer their services from their own data center: Cloud Center Andalucía.

With 15 years of experience, its value is customer service and support, getting involved in their projects to be successful, both physically and online.


Proun Digital Agency, specialized in digital strategy, UX design and e-commerce development. Its director Daniel Clavel, discusses those essential factors of the success of any e-commerce.

Ability to attract qualified traffic – The digital marketing strategy is crucial and especially SEO, not only at the level of positioning and optimization of the website but also in relation to the initial strategic phase.

UX design or user experience – Once the user is attracted to the online store, you have to convince them to make their purchases. Web platform – Technology is essential to have an online store development company that guarantees the quality of code and improves the indexing capacity of the website in search engines.

Loyalty – Aspects such as internal organization, logistics, returns, etc., influence the ability to establish emotional connections with our customers.


AulaVirtualCTP is a startup with experience in the online training sector. Its objective is to offer the best training platform in the market. Your job is to make the day-to-day life of your clients easier through more than 150 Elearning services (content management, online tests, live classes, tutorials, statistics …) adapting to your needs.

They help small centers to grow with online training without losing the essence of face-to-face training, as well as large companies to increase their productivity by optimizing time management.

The implementation methodology is extraordinarily fast and efficient. In a short time, you can have the best market training platform adapted to your business.

The goal is to become a reference for online training. Therefore they are always in constant evolution.


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